Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do Alaskans live in Igloos?

After 4 months of waiting, the race is on! My family and I are scrambling to reduce our belongings to the size of a small uhaul trailer. It is almost time to say good bye to my hometown here in Alaska and hellllooooo to Texas. I cannot wait to enjoy warm sun rays and diverse culture, both of which are unavailable in the AK. One thing I will miss, however, is the nearly 24hr sunlight during the summer!

Whenever I am out of state, people ask me the strangest questions once they find out I am from Alaska.

"Do Alaskans live in igloos?" Why yes! Yes, we do.

"Do Alaskans have pet polar bears?" Of course, and we keep them tethered outside of our 4 bedroom igloos.

"Do I love salmon and do I fish all the time?" I love salmon and of course I fish all the time.

"Does Alaska ever not have snow?" There is snow all year long. In fact, Alaskans have discovered a way to catch thousands of huge salmon every year from the frozen Kenai River.

"Does Alaska ever get dark?" Definitely not.

Do we have internet? Nope. There is no internet availability. Nor is there cable!


But we Alaskans sure enjoy pretending that these stereotypes are true.

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